I <3 Drama!

Friends Only is 4 Loverz

Friends only.

Basic Facts:

I spazz
I like friends
I write RPS slash
I'm smarter than you think

I try to comment but usually don't because I'm a bad lj friend.

I don't like people that are x__so_scene_it_hurts__x and I don't like people that have more fun judging others than they do living their own lives.

My Fic Journal is: cheap_rhyme
My Audioscrobbler Profile is: libertinette

Don't be intimidated by me. I don't bite, really*.
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I <3 Drama!

(no subject)

Kate and Pete getting married seems like a good enough reason to post, I guess.

Happy New Year people. I'm not updating this lj anymore just fyi. I might have a new one eventually, but y'know. How are you guys?
I <3 Drama!

(no subject)

Everyone is probably sick to death of memes right now, but I have to go to the doctors office AGAIN so I'm calling on you guys to give me some quality entertainment. Anon Meme Tymme! I'm going to be trying to rush home in anticipation of the juicy comments and whatnot. Have at it, plz!

Also!! Congrats to everyone that survived NaNo! Those of you that had journals for your books, care to link me?

and with that... anon spam me a lot plz! whatever you want as long as it's entertaining in some way or another.

Crap, I just missed the bus. Oh well, that gives me time to eat another tictac. I hate not being able to eat before blood tests. ;_;
Wet From Birth

I'm sorry!

We all have apolgies that are overdue. Tell someone you're sorry for whatever it is that you did. Maybe you can't say it to his face, maybe you don't talk to her anymore, or maybe you can't get over your pride to suck it up and say sorry. It can be lj-related or something that is very much real-life. Go for it. Friends and non-friends are welcome to play along. Okgo!
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I <3 Drama!

(no subject)

So, yes, anon meme!

Tell me things. Feed my narcissism. Remind me that libertinette is a bitch! Entertain each other! ASK ME A QUESTION! GOGOGOGO!

(one rule: NO INSULTING THE CRIBS JACKIE!!!!!! GOD!!!!!)
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I <3 Drama!

(no subject)

Everyone is probably anon'ed out... But I need to have little fun.

So! Anon meme. Tell me something interesting. Something I don't know, something you want to talk about, someone you have a crush on, your fave ljer, anything you want.

Just... Don't bring the hate. This isn't about hate. It's not a love in, either, but we really don't need negativity in here.

Plllllz do eet!

My Fun Fact you probs didn't know:
Adam Smith was kidnapped by gypsies as a child.